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Posted by BehindCurtai at Sep 21, 2006 5:45:10 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
>Building a vegas or perhaps just a sea donkey in bilge
Sea donkey isn't that hard to run into by accident. It's trivial on beginner bilge. On normal bilge, if you bilge long enough, you'll probably get one by accident by the time you're solid.

>4 guns in under 30 seconds
Problem: Initial board condition.

Is that with all 4 guns dirty? All 4 guns clear? All 4 guns with powder and wad when you start your game?

Problem: When?
If you're navy gunning, you always start with no pieces and 4 clear guns.
But if you're in battle, you can have pieces running around, all 4 guns waiting, and then "poof"! 4 dirties with your pieces already running around.

>15 (mebbe higher) step combo in rumble
Did we ever determine if that was possible?

Other things
>Earning o'er a million pieces o' eight.
How do you define earning? If a flag has a million, and passes it around from SO to SO, does that count?

>Sinkin' an enemy vessel in war.
>Sinkin' 10 enemy vessels.
To everyone on the ship when the enemy ship is sunk?
"We're trying to find the error bars on that number"

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