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Posted by DreadedChris at Sep 21, 2006 3:13:57 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
There should be trophies for reaching the #1 position in each puzzle ranking.

There should certainly be a trophy for alchemy's Transmutation, even if there are also ones for lower achievements.

Perhaps there should be a shipwrighting trophy for some reasonably difficult vegas multiple. Vegas-6 maybe. Shipwrighting doesn't have levels that are as clear as the other crafting puzzles.

There should be trophies for things other than just doing well in puzzles.

A trophy for winning your first OM sponsored tourney (One trophy regardless of puzzle I would think, for this achievement... you get other prizes with each tourney, no need to clutter with tons of tourney trophies.)

A trophy for your first time defeating a brigand king.

A trophy for being on the winning side in a blockade... (Even as a jobber; that would give some incentive to counter the wanna sink and get an injury urge to booch puzzles on purpose. There should never be a trophy for yourself sinking! Maybe a trophy for being part of the crew that sinks another.)

Should there be a good citizenship type of trophy that Greeters can award to other pirates when they see someone doing something particularly kind in an above-and-beyond-the-call of duty kind o' way?
(Anonymously of course, and maybe 'nominate' rather than award. But this is not automated and adds a 'burden' to greeters and OMs, though I doubt that giving out commendations is a bit of work anyone would mind much...)
Something like that anyway.
~< The Dread Pirate Chris >~

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