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Posted by bronzebeard at Sep 21, 2006 1:30:25 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
There should be trophies fer:
Building a vegas or perhaps just a sea donkey in bilge
Getting however many the maximum masterpiece is in carpentry
Triple vegas in sails
Triple vegas in swords
4 guns in under 30 seconds
CC12 in distilling
Cauldron Bubble in alchemistry - was gonna say the other one above that, but I've ne'er seen it meself, and I think that might be TOO rare to warrant a trophy. Although I dont know how many others have got it so... *shrugs*
Gettin' a Master in shipwrightery
15 (mebbe higher) step combo in rumble
Reachin' 9 stars in nav

I've tried to keep these goals high, wi'out bein' excessive to the point of no one ever achievin' them. Couldn't think up anythin' fer drinkin' or TD apart from big point differences, but those'd come down to how hapless yer opponent was.

Other things
Earning o'er a million pieces o' eight.
Sinkin' an enemy vessel in war.
Sinkin' 10 enemy vessels.
Bein' a member of a blockade winnin' flag.
10 consecutive pillage wins.
100 consecutive pillage wins.
Reachin' admiral in the navy (although it'll say admiral right next to it in yer stats, so mebbe not)

As fer
Captain of Imperial crew
that might be too easy wi' people just passin' the hat around once they reach it - I'd still much rather like see a separate league table o' crews
Now on Obsidian!

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