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Posted by homullus at Jul 28, 2003 2:05:42 AM
Re: Tournaments
Heck, maybe just add some object (a leader board, or a trophy, or something) in the game that allows a setup box for tournaments akin to the drinking dialogue . . . then it could be put in palaces and big ships, and big open areas outside, and not take up much room. Then people can walk up, inspect the tournament, and hopefully accept the tournament and give their entry fee. When a tournament is set up, the player can pick which notice board(s) show it. The notice board could also include inspecting the tournament, since people can't whisk their money away.

If we allow freedom to set up tournaments and free whisking, there would be no point in not having inter-archipelago ferries. I realize there is free whisking, but it is entirely at the option of the person on the target island. They don't HAVE to do it, and they don't HAVE to do it for free. If we set up free tournaments, anyone will be able to join one and whisk to that island. Crews could set up "tournaments" 24/7 for free easy transport, and it would take away much of the thrill of seeing a tournament posted, since they'd ALWAYS be there. In fact, there would be the risk of people picking (and paying for) the WRONG tournament, paying of a whisking instead of the grand contest.

I don't necessarily have a problem with this (free travel everywhere), but it is at odds with Cleaver's expressed wish to have the game not be one big archipelago. If we want to do that, then just have free ferries going inter-archipelago, and not have whisking with tournaments at all.

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