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Posted by muffy at Jul 28, 2003 1:07:10 AM
think tournament
shockedfrog wrote: 
For the duty contests, and just for people who like to keep track of how well their crew are doing, an option to see the last duty report - a 'Last Report' button - or even the last 3/5 reports, would be handy.

Fabulous idea, particularly as ye don't always get the duty reports if ye're movin' around the ship or usin' the crow's nest.

shockedfrog wrote: 
Anyway, insta ferry seems fine to me, people can already instatravel via crew ships with a helper, and fast travel via navy ships, and entry money would be paid before the tournament anyway, so you wouldnt need to bring money there (and wouldnt be allowed to :)

I agree; we already have "instaferry" for our crew by havin' crewmembers (or alts) with different homes and a ship in every port. Or a friendly crew to perform the same service. I personally provide a dozen or so 'ports a day.

Another thing in this post reminds me - "entry fees". ARR (really me) "sponsored" this last tournament, meaning that it was completely free to entrants. Most people didn't seem to understand this. But aye, if there IS is a tournament-whisking ability, it should also collect the entry fee, if any, and the posting should include a cost (including "free").

shockedfrog wrote: 
Scores for drinking broadcast around the place would be nice, but I think that people who really want to know will watch the game themselves, or if its swordfighting, just ask the other people who were there.

Think tournament here. First, suppose there are even just two tables of drinking, or four pairs of swordfighters - with drinking, ye simply can't watch both at once, with swordfighting, staring at the screen to see whose head drops, switching back and forth between people, it is really quite difficult. Plus, watching the drinking game does not allow ye to see anything but the winner, while in fact ye'd want to see all the scores, and the order of winners, since typically more than one person moves on to the next round. I'd like the in-room announcement (and note that I only asked for this at the palace, not everywhere), because scrolling back through the chat is easy enough, and lets ye look away from the screen at least briefly while the people are competing, which ye surely couldn't if ye were tryin' to watch all 10 pairs (or more!) of swordfighters to see who won.
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