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Posted by garf at Jul 27, 2003 10:32:01 PM
Re: Tournaments
shockedfrog wrote: 
For the duty contests, and just for people who like to keep track of how well their crew are doing, an option to see the last duty report - a 'Last Report' button - or even the last 3/5 reports, would be handy.

a lot of very good suggestions there, but this is me personal favorite because its not exclusively usefull for tournaments.

when taking out a relatively fresh small crew on a little pillage, and the seas are empty once again, i often like to hang out on the crows nest instead of navigating as me multitasking seems to be too bad to catch every target while puzzling meself.

but right now that means i cannot see the duty ratings, and with new players that would be very helpfull to get that boocher off the sails to somewhere he cant hurt or to see that the carpers do their work.
- Randal

[size=9]also Garf, Silvain and a few others

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