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Posted by shockedfrog at Jul 27, 2003 9:04:24 PM
Re: Tournaments
for the sake of people who want to see who wins, being able to spectate games would be handy, but im sure thats been discussed many times, and would probably add lag to the actual fighters. Booched, I know.

For the duty contests, and just for people who like to keep track of how well their crew are doing, an option to see the last duty report - a 'Last Report' button - or even the last 3/5 reports, would be handy.

Anyway, insta ferry seems fine to me, people can already instatravel via crew ships with a helper, and fast travel via navy ships, and entry money would be paid before the tournament anyway, so you wouldnt need to bring money there (and wouldnt be allowed to :)
If you're really worried about it being abusable, give the player some sort of 'Guest' status that doesn't allow them to leave the building/island/boat where the tournament is, doesn't allow them to dig up money there or use their bank or take trades from anyone (the event prize money/items could always be paid later, on an island they have properly travelled to)

Sign up interface would be good, but it would need to be customisable unless the organizer planned to organise everything themselves - allow people to set the cut off point (if there's two tournaments) or a requirements if it's just one elite/newbie tournament, allow people to use experience or standings as requirements, perhaps for swordfights, rules like '*certain sword* only and it gives the player a temporary sword (ooh, how evil it would be to hold a Temporary Tournament Cleaver and then when you're just beginning to like it, GONE! :)

Scores for drinking broadcast around the place would be nice, but I think that people who really want to know will watch the game themselves, or if its swordfighting, just ask the other people who were there.

And anything that expands the usefulness of the noticeboard is a good idea :) Announcing tournaments would be essential since you can't rely on word of mouth all the time - i figured being on the forum, yesterdays tournament would be known by everyone, but half of the crew i talked to never even knew there was a tourney and only turned up after I told them.

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