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Posted by homullus at Jul 27, 2003 11:50:31 AM
Re: Tournaments
Well, tournaments could become more commonplace (and less Ringer-centric) with sufficient tools. Aside from squashing game bugs, this is one work project that would mean less work for them long-term.

I worry about insta-ferry being abused. We could have a tournament every day to ferry people trans-archipelago.

Even just a bracket thingy with blanks, that gets filled in with /register (name) or something would be nice. It would be nice if such a thing could be set up by anyone like drinking games are, with an ante and rules (best of 3 etc). Then people click on the person setting up the game and join. If the setter-upper wanted to set the prize money they could enter it when they started, otherwise the prize is made up from the entry fees.

Swordfighting was by far the hardest contest to run, it seemed.

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