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Posted by muffy at Jul 27, 2003 10:40:46 AM
So, there are a few things that would have helped tremendously with the tournament. I don't know if tournament support is on the infamous list, but here are some requests from me experiences with running one tournament.

Ability to announce tournaments. For now, perhaps we could have a tournament forum, and a suggestion to people when they join that they check it out if they're interested in participating. Longer term, it would be nice to be able to post tournament info somewhere, perhaps the notice board? If the notice board, it would be nice to be able to post it to ALL of the notice boards - perhaps by applying to the governors of the various islands, in advance?

Transport. Now that more than one archipelago is settled, people can't always get to the tournaments. If we use the notice board, as above, perhaps people could be automatically ferried to the island in question by a button on the notice board? Even better, drop 'em right into the palace on that island.

Scores It would be nice to be able to see who won and lost. A suggestion for making this simple - within rooms in the palace, "broadcast" results of any contest. So, if ye're in the room, ye'll get a notification that says "Bluebeard beat Redbeard at swordfighting" or "Drinking game: Redbeard 500, Bluebeard 390, Greenbeard 340".

More complex support:

Sign-up interface. People can click on buttons for the events they want to sign up for, and junior (plain experience) and senior (bold experience) divisions. At the time of the tourney, their presence is "registered" when they show up, and they are then grouped for the various rounds of the contest, possibly with the manual intervention of the organizer.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of other things at the moment.
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