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Posted by Thuvasa3 at Feb 24, 2004 12:22:43 AM
[Probably local to me problem] Can't stay connected to Y!PP
Essentially, my internet connection is tanked.

It is very slow, and seems to only work in short bursts. When I can manage to stay connected to Y!PP I often have gaps of up to 45 seconds when I can't do anything. I will type something, and it takes 45 seconds to show up, in other words. Or I can't walk around. That kind of thing.

To preface-- this is an "all of a sudden" kind of problem. As near as I can tell there was no "precursor event."

Thus far, I've lowered the max connect number thing on my modem, and checked that everything is plugged in (no cords pulled partially in, etc.). My dialup has a firewall, (which it's always had), I've tried turning it off with no results. I don't have an anti-virus program active while trying to use the internet/Y!PP. I also had the control panel thing run the diagnostics--it says the modem is working.

I'm going to replace the cords, try the computer in a different room (different phone jack), and eventually take it to my mom's house to see if location makes a difference.

Anyone else have any suggestions I should try?


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