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Posted by OldCharon at Feb 21, 2004 3:07:25 AM
Sea Battle
i find it hard to explain how i sea battle, since i use the force, but ill give it a shot here, in no order whatsoever.
any place where you can limit the briggands movement is good. the edge of the map, rocks, etc. if you know they cant move forward or right, your chances of hitting them increase dramatically. mostly though, i just try and think like a briggand and then counter what they would do. as was afore mentioned, briggands dont move on the first move too often, so use that knowlege to your advantage.
some other points of note: i will stay stationary for the first few moves and collect tokens while the briggand putzes around and gets close. that way, even if you get hit at some point, you will have stockpiled a few moves so you can still get about. ill use this in the middle of the battles too if im having a hard time engaging or the briggands are especially active. good preperation is always key also. having the guns loaded before you get to the sea battle is very important, so you arent wasting manpower on guns when they should be sailing or carping. also, know the whirlpools! they are your friend. you can skate across the board and save tokens if you use them right. and watch how briggands react in whirlpools. if you sit at the edge of one, sometimes you can just watch their moves and fill em full of holes while they flounder in the whirlpool.
one thing i see a lot that i dont agree with is sea battles that go on forever while the captain shoots the briggands a zillion times. i can see that if you are fighting a red or an orange, but a green? if your even, a few good shots should give you all the advantage you need. cannonballs add up after a while, and there is no reason you cant rely on your steel. as a rule of thumb, ill usually only shoot the ammount of cannons that a ship can have loaded at once. ie: ill shoot no more than 4 times if im on a sloop, hit or miss, before attempting to engage. i dont really see the need to even shoot at the light blues that sometimes attack you before engaging, unless they shoot you first.
remember that boats that are bigger than yours shoot bigger cannonballs, so engaging with them right of the bat is to your benefit. it takes a lot of your shots to do the same damage as one of the bigger boats shots, so the odds are not in your favour.

how movement works: token movement first, wind and whirlpools second, and cannon shots last.

dont forget that you can shoot over the small rocks, too. sometimes you can trap em in the rocks and shoot them at the same time if you get lucky.
hope this helps out.

*edit may 30, 2004*
the briggands now move on the first turn almost always, and your movement tokens wear out over time, so you cant save em forever like you used to be able to. you can check when your movement token is going to be gone by placing the cursor over said token. the closer the number is towards the left, the sooner it will rot. numbers in red rot next turn.
"You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime".
You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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