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Posted by Doomy at Jul 26, 2003 12:45:57 AM
navy should be atacked!
nemo, i think its percicely the point that navy isent being atacked but SHOULD, it would make for some profitable PvP (something the game is lacking) andi feel it would be quite fun, if the navy ships had reserves of poe like the brigands did then a whole world of intersting combat would be opend up; also continueing with the navy thread, i belive that the option to take over a navy ship and "privateer" with it for sanctiond high ranking members of the flag that owns the palace that owns said navy.... also, just to make this a great big long rambleing poast, I feel that it is silly that navy ships dont atack brigands and player pirates (of non allyed flags/crews) i mean they are the navy, patrolling the watters, shouldent they be defending them too..... oh and one last thing, it was said people did navy for safe training, with free money, becuse NO ONE atacks navy this makes the newby training vessels kinda pointless. just a big long list complaints that i realy shuld have posted elswhere, but ya gota start somewhere right?
Doomy : the pink one

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