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Posted by Raider81 at Aug 8, 2006 8:20:51 AM
Re: Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
Ahoy to all. I'm a returning beta tester type who is learning the ropes again quickly (I think, at least). I'm good at sailing (I think I just hit Master yesterday), though I have at least moderate skills in all duty puzzles, including gunning and naving (I love the change to let you navigate with the navy!).

I'm looking for a fairly literate crew (in the sense that they know how to spell words out), and one that isn't too restrictive - I'm a casual player, so I'm not looking for one that'll boot me because I didn't make the Thursday night pillage.

I am also an avid roleplayer in other media (I play D&D, etc), and would be interested in doing some here, even if it's just speaking like a pirate. :)

EDIT: Oh, and I'm Eastern Time Zone.


Good to see some people from back in the day come back.
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