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Posted by cnj6768 at Aug 3, 2006 5:22:00 PM
Re: Overloaded MUCH?!? LOL
Wasn't that original?

no clue mate... it happened after a reformat when I went to re-download the game. I went away from my puter for literally 2 minutes (tops) to get a coffee... next thing I know, I came back and that's what I saw. Narry fell off my hair laffin' from seein that. Obviously I had to take a screen shot lol

I showed it to a mate of mine who's been around PP for quite some time now.. he's already informed me that I'm not the first person this has happened to, and has told me that he's seen not only the same number, but has also seen it in the 10,000% - 500,000% ranges.

~shrugs shoulders~it's still funny though, especially when you're not expecting such things to be seen with a download LMAO
-Cpt. JNC of Di Cerberus/ Queen of Arcana Imerii

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