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Posted by Gotagota at Jul 24, 2003 7:55:21 AM
If this seems obvious, nobody's mentioned it yet!
Shinseiki, I'm going to steal your post for use in my lessons.

I have never had much problem with the Nav puzzle, though aside from your excellent tips I'm not quite sure why.

Combos are well nigh difficult <grin> in this puzzle. It's all a matter of being prepared. For example, keeping two stars on one side of a constellation piece (filled) and the matching star (for the row) above it. When you fill the rest of the constellation, you'll combo the three-star line.

I have never had to retreat. In fact I often fill my first and half of the second rows just so I'll be ready for combos and constellations. I like the feel of scoring four or five in a row.

Also, "Leaping Porpoises!"
Fronsac, human.
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