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Posted by alanafiona at Feb 14, 2004 2:50:39 PM
Changed numbers, matey!
So here be the new numbers for our beloved merchant galleon:
5 booty chests
14 carp stations
9 sails
10 guns
14 bilge
1 drinking puzzle
1 nav table
5 hold access spots

All the deck-level carp stations were removed, so only the below-decks ones are now active. A few sail positions were moved around, but the number didn't change, and we lost our tiny gun on the back deck. It was so cute - but had no way of shooting large cannonballs :(

This is since the recent update, mind. Have fun, mateys!
Alanafiona, distracted Captain of the Crimson Tyrants
Queen of the Sailors of Fortune
Why, yes, we are a bit strange - after all, we're lego pirates!

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