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Posted by homullus at Jul 24, 2003 5:16:26 AM
Re: navigation puzzle
Some of us have argued that even knowing what the next piece will be would add a lot ("oh no, the next one isn't a color I need either, I may as well clear a row now").

I think navigating is pretty fun. The sounds -- which I guess many people don't have turned on -- really make it clear that the constellations are worth much more than clearing a row.

The puzzle is not so much strategy as processing power. When you have stars in all three rings, and are trying to create a 3-star constellation, it is a real challenge to figure out what will fall where, and whether you should use this white star or that white star to clear the row of three, based on what will fall into the bottom row.

I would liken it to solitaire Tetris in terms of strategy . . . more quick-thinking reaction than setup, since you don't know what will fall.

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