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Posted by garf at Jul 24, 2003 4:24:43 AM
navigation puzzle
im not entirely sure if i just dont get the hang of it or if the puzzle actually has problems.

what im doing currently is that i simply try to match constellations, not caring about making rows unless i need more space. if this is totally wrong, that would explain my problems, but then the documentation needs fixing.

if focusing on the constellations is the thing to do, then im not sure how i can affect how good im performing in terms of pieces used. usually its just a matter of luck if ye already got the right piece or how long ye have to wait for it; the only thing i can see affecting this is trying to keep one piece of each color on each ring - and that again is very much a random task if ye have a nearly full second ring and need the same color in the inner ring three times in the row.

the documentation says the better constellations require "two or more" stars; however, i have yet to see a three star constellation required. i dont see how that could be less luck-based, however.

a constellation i *do* see frequently is that of needing two stars on the same (inner) ring. im not sure how i am supposed to achieve that effieciently without a lot of luck? i do need more or less filled inner two rings if an earlier constellation required a star on the outer ring, so just keeping them empty is not an option.

bottom line: either im missing a very major point about this puzzle - i'd be glad to hear! - or this puzzle is far too much based on luck.
- Randal

[size=9]also Garf, Silvain and a few others

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