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Posted by chemicalgirl at Jul 26, 2006 6:00:10 PM
Re: Sabotage
Sweet Pie wrote: 
I don't think the OMs are screaming at Stuy and the BSB. I believe it was Stuy and the BSB who discovered this problem, and took it to the OMs, in hopes the OMs would scream at the idiot doing it. God knows pvping most of the flags BSB has war decc'd is already like shooting fish in a barrel. What this twitty did is like taking a spear and pinning the fish to the side of the barrel before you shoot them.

We took it to the OM's when we had some dude sending Suty and me tells about how we need to engage their bote and he'll sit still while we shoot. I think he sent tells to Laotze, too. Talk about spoiling the fun. I got mad because the dude was 1) using Stuy-pants's name, 2) sending me annoying tells like "come forward and shoot!" while I was tryin'a gun, damnit, and 3) ruining an honest piratey battle.

Yeah, we'll stalk people we're at full war with to shoot 'em up. But as I explained in my petition to the OM on duty, that crosses even the blurry lines the Black Sheep have. We debated a petition or a post here, and figured there'd be a lot of tarting so I ~thought~ we'd decided against calling this idiot out in the public forum, but Stuy can't help but hit the Post butan.

Hermes's response to my petition indicated that the person had already been dealt with. And no, BSB was not fussed at by anyone.

I think I'm rambling....

Edit: Ok, now I'm mad. I just saw that Stuy's thread about how Caper's should anticipate some Boomy off the coast of Winter has been Locked!! Locked, I say! Silly over-quoters! Grrrr.
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