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Posted by KoshMom at Jul 26, 2006 10:08:13 AM
Re: Sabotage
Nobody's denying that this is incredibly stupid on the part of the crew/flag at war with us. It's just that even we have a tinge of honour and fairplay and don't want to get /complained on and screamed at by the OMs for the actions of someone who is wholly unrelated to any of us.

Agreed entirely. This person is obviously a poor sport. My guess is that it's someone with a beef against the other flag, or someone who likes your flag. They want a chance to get an injury, or they just want to cause trouble because "it's fun to cause trouble" and sees the war and thinks that war is an opportunity/excuse to be obnoxious.

Why are the OM's screaming at you? If you have no idea that the ship you are battling is on a suicide mission (according to their battle navver) why are the OM's mad at you?
Avasta, Past Governor of Namath, captain of Ye Hardy Mates, of the flag RIOT

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