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Posted by KoshMom at Jul 26, 2006 8:48:04 AM
Re: Sabotage
So, a flag is at war with you. They have a crew foolish enough to take someone who has no obvious skills, and add them to their crew list In the Middle of a War.

Then they promote this obviously newly created pirate to a rank that enables him/her to sink ships. The pirate has no obvious battle nav experience (because they are a new alt). Heck, even if they were brand new to the game, noone in their right mind would promote new people to officer in the middle of a war!

It's not your fault the flag you're at war with is so foolish. And for the flag to blame YOU for the foolishness of their crewmate is folly on their part.

You didn't hire this alt. You didn't promote this alt to a rank that enabled them to sink ships. You didn't NOT expell them after it happened. And, I believe I read in your post, You didn't allow this person to do it in two Different Crews in this flag!

(edit: on re-reading your first post, i see it wasn't 2 crews in the same flag, it's 2 different flags you're at war with).
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