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Posted by StuManchu at Jul 25, 2006 3:17:54 PM
Normally a situation like this would shock and delight me, however, I have a conscience unlike my piratical persona.

Someone has taken it into their idiot head to create greenie alts, insinuate them into crews with which my flag is at war, have them promoted to Fleet Officer, and then volunteer information to my flagmates and me regarding the location of his crew's boats. If this person is ABOARD said boats he or she will take the helm and fail battle navigation as much as possible to ASSIST us in sinking the target.

To any flag out there who may suffer from this moron's incursions: he is NOT a member of my flag. Black Sheep Brigade may deal in some shady practices and pursuits, but we go to war for two reasons: one because we enjoy PVP solely for the challenge, and two, to teach noobs a lesson. Alt abuse might be a problem plaguing the ocean with no easy solution, but this particular KIND of alt abuse is just debased and vile. I've placed a moratorium on sinking boats until we can resolve this issue.

To the flags French Forever and Raiders of Oblivion, I'm sorry we got y'alls boats before we recognized the problem existed.

I've unwittingly assisted you twice, xmysteryxx and Stu (how DARE you shame my name), and if you think this practice ingratiates you with me or my flag, you're mistaken. You are unconscionably stupid, and I hope the OMs I've called in on your ass act mercilessly as I would.
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