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Posted by bluefingers at Jul 23, 2006 7:56:24 AM
Selling Clothing and furniture.
Any of you noobs(no offense) that needs clothes or furniture for your bare shack come and look at this. Clothing Male : White boots 700 PoE, Green boots 660 PoE, Feather hat : 1,500 PoE (a steal price), striped brown shirt with brown vest 1,250 PoE, and 2 pairs of rags for 200 apice or 320 for both.

Furniture: Left bar segment 400 PoE, Middle bar segment 700 PoE, Right bar segment 400 PoE, small crate of cannonballs 500 PoE, Barrel 450 PoE, bag 500 PoE, one crate 150, PoE for 2 it is 230 PoE, bedroll 200 PoE. Send a tell to Thewhiplash if you are interested in any of these things also come to shack'n not staired and to Thewhiplashes shack to see the different clothing and furniture (all clothing is in wardrobe). SEND A TELL TO THEWHIPLASH YARRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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