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Posted by moler22190 at Jul 19, 2006 8:29:07 PM
Re: Ahoy Midnight 'scribers...semi-RE
Viridians getting stagnent.

Sager's overreact and complain youf for non fluffy political moves.
I've never done anything more then /crew tart on Cobalt.

Midnight has wars and such, but a majority of the ocean seems in an anti-'cade alliance, well from the last time I've been there.

Hunter seems where its at. Plenty of experianced pirates, no islands yet, three near equal alliance webs, it should be fun stuff. It isn't like Sage where islands are bought frequently, but it isn't like Midnight where its pretty hard to get into the political game if you plan on blockading a lot of people. It seems like its a good, fun mix.

I make generalizations based on lack of evidence and biased opinions.
Don't pave me, please!
For real this time wrote: 
but I shall no longer take any active part in the game, on any ocean.

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