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Posted by stefsorceror at Jul 18, 2006 4:16:42 PM
Re: Ahoy Midnight 'scribers...semi-RE
There's always war happening. BSB just voted through a full war dec with... Darkmemory? Just gotsa find it!

And I'll take it further. There's always real war happening. Often, wars are kind of like alliances: between insignifigant flags who will never ever do anything remotely political, just to pres butans and puff up their flag info page with meaningless alliances/wars. Midnight wars? Stuff sinks. And the PVP rocks. Hard.

True. I meant to say that it wasn't as lively as Viridian. Look at Viridian parley. Full of wardecs.

Also, with a real war I mean, like the Liliputian alliance. That kind of stuff.
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