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Posted by LonesomeCrow at Jul 23, 2003 2:31:59 AM
Re: Skelly-esque
This reminds of something that caught me wandering eye quite a while back. I came across a link in the news archive

But alas, the beta update killed the link :-(

If the Devs would be kind enough to reinstate this link, ye would see one mean, nasty creature with a sword so intimidating most would just turn and run away at first glance. (If he were me pet, I'd call him Minotarrna ;-] )

Some of ye old, old timers may remember this thread. ( I wasn't around at the time meself)

But this early screenshot piqued me interest.

I anxiously await Adventure islands!
Tarrna: [Insignificant] Senior Officer - Sinking Feelings

Sergio Aragones wrote: 

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