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Posted by Thusnelda at Jul 23, 2003 2:14:22 AM
I caught a discussion about skellies only being in the Diamond archipelago. I was wondering... what if there were different sorts of terrors in each archipelago? Like a kraken fight in Emerald, or treasure on the other side of a big wacky whirlpool in Sapphire... I dunno. Just something that's a big challenge requiring lots of cooperative effort. In addition, this could set the archipelagoes apart as having distinct and exciting opportunities for fun. Right now, for instance, I really don't have much reason to go to Sapphire. (Ummm... that's not the one with Guava in it, right?)

Part of me then realized that this was the whole point of the Adventure Islands idea. So 1) will the skellies (et. al., if it comes to that) still be around when the Adventure Islands come into play? 2) Any timeframe on the Adventure Islands?

Doin' great... keep it up...
Madam, proud Looterata
Why are old people playing on this game i dont know its probly something to do with control but its kind of werd. Get a life or a girl friend or mabe even a wife but if your an adult that plays this game your a loser

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