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Posted by joeyconnelly at Jul 22, 2003 11:58:16 PM
Re: Good job Dev Team!
Thanks Joey (the header on your site got a good laugh out of everyone in the office),

Hehe. I'm glad ya'll like it. Arrr....

when i first logged into the game, my first impression was "lookin neat, i probably could like this, but how could they ever attract customers when the average gamer is all about graphics and technology?"

It's true that most gamers are too hung up on eye candy, but as titles like Ultima Online (which was a GREAT game before EA bought it out) have proven, there's still a BIG market out there for games that use traditional 2D graphics and which feature game play that's a little deeper than camping a spot for hours on end.

I'm glad that Three Rings decided to take advantage of that often neglected market when initially designing their game.

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