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Posted by ekerin at Feb 7, 2004 3:46:50 PM
Re: Anyone playing through 602Pro Lansuite?
This is just my quick assesment from what I can tell on software 602's website:

I don't think mapped links will work. from what I can tell, a mapped link is not a "let this traffic through", it's a "when someone connects to the proxy on port X, forward the data to server y on port X"

You probably need to figure out a way to get YPP to use the socks proxy provided by the firewall, or use a firewall that supports NAT (Network Address Translation).

On the addresses, what they have setup is a Round-robin DNS record, there are 2 IP addresses associated with the DNS name for midnight, and the DNS server will send out one of the 2 addresses when you query it. Alternating which one it sends each time, priving a cheap form of load balancing.

Hope this helps.
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