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Posted by tarajayne at Jul 14, 2006 7:17:37 PM
Re: Were we wrong?

We were looking out for those that don't have connections in the game to have 5 people on their "team". Having outside to me is just worse. You also stated that their weren't in the contest. So 4th place (and thankfully there was no prize for that) finished because of your help. You being in the contest them being in the contest, I didn't state it but don't you think that's unfair? Am I the only one who sees that as being unfair? Guess so.


Hardly a point seenigs how like you said, it was a prizeless place. Second of all, I bring back up Thews's point again... You were allowed/encouraged to be a greenie and ask the hiders for help... why would you be able to get help from others. I'd think that's way more fair then getting help from hiders.

I get around.

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