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Posted by Velariel at Jul 14, 2006 7:08:56 PM
Re: Were we wrong?

Also, I guess I'm being proven wrong here, kind of knew I would be since this is the forums and the rule is agrue with the OP.

That has nothing to do with it. The point of the forums is to give your opinion about what you think is right/good. Changing the rules of a game after it's over is not right. If in the rules it stated teamwork was a no-no, then I'd be arguing for you. It was not. By the chat log that was posted, it seems clear to me that it was a rule introduced after the event was over.


We were looking out for those that don't have connections in the game to have 5 people on their "team". Having outside to me is just worse. You also stated that their weren't in the contest. So 4th place (and thankfully there was no prize for that) finished because of your help. You being in the contest them being in the contest, I didn't state it but don't you think that's unfair? Am I the only one who sees that as being unfair? Guess so.

Then maybe next time you ought to put it in the rules to begin with. It was probably an oversight on your flag's part, but at the same time players shoudl not be punished by an oversight that is not their fault.

Yes, in hide and seek it's best for each person to go it alone. But I cannot fault bridal or anyone else who may have gotten help for doing it because it was not stated in the rules. Should it have been? Probably. Was it? No.

She won, using a method that was not against the rules. She deserves whatever prize she won.
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