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Posted by Shorty_Jack at Jul 14, 2006 6:56:22 PM
Re: Were we wrong?

Oh did I also mention that while Bridalgirl is ruining my name on the forums because sweetie you can't ruin it in game... I wasn't the only one to make this decision?

Ok, if you say so. I don't know how I'm ruining your name. Just because I posted about it. You in fact posted too, not knowing I had already. I in fact never once said your name. I responded to the actual event thread, since it was an issue with the event.

Um that's my point exactly, you posted on a thread with an issue of the event. I understand that. Do you really believe people on these forums won't expect it was for the op? Really mate.

Also, I guess I'm being proven wrong here, kind of knew I would be since this is the forums and the rule is agrue with the OP. Anyway, I still would like to hear what others have to say.

We were looking out for those that don't have connections in the game to have 5 people on their "team". Having outside to me is just worse. You also stated that their weren't in the contest. So 4th place (and thankfully there was no prize for that) finished because of your help. You being in the contest them being in the contest, I didn't state it but don't you think that's unfair? Am I the only one who sees that as being unfair? Guess so.

If the majority of this thread thinks I am wrong for not writing you can NOT use teams in a game of hide and seek where only the top 3 players would be issued prizes, then I will give you your prize. I basically don't understand why I'm wrong and that's what I'm looking for here. So far all I'm getting is cause you accidently left it out of the rules. Hm.. now to get everyone else to change their minds...
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