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Posted by tarajayne at Jul 14, 2006 6:53:17 PM
Re: Were we wrong?
However, I'd like to let Bridalgirl know that ruining another person's good name on the forums is not the best way to handle the situation. One better way would be to hire a mediator, such as myself.
I'll charge you 500 PoE (about 5%) if you win this case. :)

Again I don't know how i ruined anything. She posted the conversation in which I attempted to resolve it in person before coming here. And actually said, if I wasn't satisfied to take it to the forums.

And on your part about winning, knowing even that there are a few people out there, apart from my own crew, that support me, that to me is winning. The actual prizes are in her care so it's highly unlikely i'll get them, since she already said she was going to screw it because she didn't like me.

I get around.

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