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Posted by Shorty_Jack at Jul 14, 2006 6:35:35 PM
Re: Were we wrong?
Now granted I didn't state about people working together, I didn't think I needed too. I just thought that was considering cheating.

You're wrong. Honestly, I'd really like a link to the events thread, so I could see the rules exactly myself, but if you didn't implicitly state that teamwork was disallowed, I don't see where the user in question was at fault. Again, thats just my opinion based off of what you've provided.

I see what you mean and that is why I posted this. As for the I made it a waste of time thing... deal with it....

If she and her 5 helpers won then would it have been alright to only give all them the same place? Or would I have to give the others placement prizes because I didn't state teamwork?

Either way, I'm done. I'm not running anymore events because you always have one person bitch about it not going there way and well I'm sick of it.

Oh did I also mention that while Bridalgirl is ruining my name on the forums because sweetie you can't ruin it in game... I wasn't the only one to make this decision?
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