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Posted by tarajayne at Jul 14, 2006 6:34:42 PM
Re: Were we wrong?
I will tak your advice into consideration but I would like to hear from the folks I know that live on these forums. Also 5? five people!? There were around 20 that entered? And 5 were working with you?!!

Also, I never planned on giving 4+ place prizes I did it cause I had them. Everyone got something different. One being a chair wish are like 500 poe at most.

Continue to bash my name Bridalgirl you are doing a good job so far, while I was just asking for help to see if I should give you you're prize, but now being on the verge of quitting this game (and not just because of you other things too) I'm about to say screw it you don't deserve it because I don't like you.

You've entered contests with me before and won now that I recall and you got your prize. So a flat out lie to my face saying you don't win anything is bs and you know it. Sorry other cheaters win other events (that I don't run) it sucks, deal with it. I should not expect a captain to act this way. Side note: Tell your Senior Officers to not beg. I do not give poe to beggars!


Link is here:

Right ok, tell me what contest I've been in with you. I've never met you before today. For two. My senior officer happend to be in this whole GREENIE weekend contest you claim to be running all weekend. Greenies ask for poe, we were acting like greenies. I came into your house and asked to b a roommate, everyone laughed. Why are you bashing my SO's?

I get around.

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