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Posted by Thews at Jul 14, 2006 6:25:18 PM
Re: Were we wrong?
I replied to the other thread, didnt know this one existed.

It seems to me, the sprit of a greenie is getting help from other people. When I look at the rules, I expect that sense ye can ask the hiders for help, ye certianly must be able to ask other people for help.

It seems to me that shouting to the Island "has anyone seen so and so" and having someone tell you yeah, they are over here wouldent be cheeting and would be a very greenie thing to do.

And also, sense it is a greenie weekend, and people are acting like greenies, ye ceartinaly cant expect them to get everything right. Greenies never understand the rules unless laied out super super clearly. I mean, if I tell my ship to team, i dont expect the greenies to do it. So how, if ye dont tell greenies, or people acting like greenies, how to team or not team in an event like this do ye expect them to know what to do? And how can ye punish em for doin the wrong thing?

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