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Posted by Shorty_Jack at Jul 14, 2006 6:06:57 PM
Were we wrong?
So something has been on mind recently and I can't seem to figure out if I made a bad decision or not. So I came to the forums for help knowing I'm about to get chewed out for everything below. Note: The decision was not mine alone but from everyone who help with this event.

A certain pirate recieved 3rd place in our Hide and Seek event. She then continued to go around and help out her crewmates find the people they were missing. Now granted I didn't state about people working together, I didn't think I needed too. I just thought that was considering cheating. As mention below, that does come up however I forgot to ask, but then why are people working together allowed to place multiple times? Especially, if they were just going to split the prize.

So please read below to find out what has happened and tell me if I'm wrong. (Don't mind the screenshots it's because I can't figure out the blast logs thingy)

Were we wrong? Did I overract? I still have the 5k and the lump of coal to give to her if I find I myself am wrong. For some reason I just keep hearing "Others cheat in other events (that I don't hold) so why can't I in this one"?
I'm not trying to make anyone's name on here look bad I just want to know if I'm wrong.

Shortyjack of the Midnight Ocean
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