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Posted by stevoid at Jul 22, 2003 11:19:19 AM
Re: Expasion Cracks!
A way to toggle off challenges was suggested a while back - I think it's pretty low on The List though. It's when you have a challenge appear as soon as you log on and your screen hasn't even cleared that it really gets me!

I used to take the time to explain why I was refusing; but there are so many challenges from new keen pirates now that I've had to start rejecting without an explanation - even if I copy & paste a tell to each pirate that challenged it would still take up a fair bit of of the drawbacks of large numbers of new players.

I'm sorry if anyone's been upset or felt rejected because of a refusal without explanation - but I'm kinda running about in a mad rush a lot just now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

AND I don't really like swordfighting that much (I get enough of that in sea battles to last me, and I'm not that great at it); which is why it would be lovely to turn off specific challenges...I can't see if it's a drinking challenge until I inspect it; and it SO rarely is ;-)

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