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Posted by Meghaford at Jan 2, 2003 11:17:33 PM
Re: Dastards looking for new Officers!!
Har! we've had Thusnelda instated as Officer due to her contribution to the forums (as Homullus) and her time online.

We are still searching for new officers, especially ones in PST since our only PST officer seems to be mia. where are ye Gragg??? I don't want to demote ye fer lack of participation... so give a holler!

Also, please post a hello if ye haven't already so we know who ye are, and post who you would like to see as next officer of the Dastards!!

New officers if ye get a chance, we seem to be low on maps to Oyster, as well as maps from Winter Solstice to the other Islands. Myself, Duncan and Verna have already contributed to the current 3 ships, but twould be nice to flesh out the collection.

Also, if ever ye take out a ship, try to leave it at an island other than Alpha. This way it's easier to scout out Skellies whenever we go Skelly Hunting. (and if any o ye want to buy an extra small sloop to leave at an island, twould make the skellies even easier to find!

--Ursela, Captain of the Dastards
... and a few others ...

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