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Posted by Ely at Jul 22, 2003 3:22:07 AM
Re: Expasion Cracks!
A third idea is to add a training house on the starting island (i hear different players start on either alpha or guava - in which case, a training house on both) with expanded tutorials in it.

Barring that, I think they should expand their tips system to cover a lot of the finer points of the game. For example, most newbies have no idea they can direct their attacks in a sword fight.

Maybe a tip box in the Ahoy panel would work? You know, the kind with a handy sentence or two, above a "next tip" button. Toggle the box on and off in options.

Celaver wrote: 
We also going to start starting newbies on various other islands in the Emerald Archipelago, which will help a bit to ease the pressure.

As long as there are some open navy jobs, that should work. Finding something to do seems to be a problem at the moment.

Quick question, is there a way to easily edit the NPP numbers on the navy ships? For the time being, I think you might want to kick a lot of the NPPs off. They are taking up at least half of the duty stations on the navy ships. Even with the extra war brig on Alpha, I still can't find a single free station on any of the navy ships, and most of the new players are left standing around on deck waiting for a position to open up.

Or worse, they go back to the docks and lay heavily into their shout command.

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