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Posted by shockedfrog at Jul 21, 2003 10:37:18 PM
Re: Expasion Cracks!
im a noob, so maybe I dont really have a massive right to discuss such matters here, but I'm a pretty quick learner and can think of a few things that might just help with yer problem.

First, the main problem budding pirates will experience if they haven't read these forums for things such as the PPA is difficulty in finding a crew to join to allow them to increase skills such as Sea Battle which are rarely possible to train other ways unless people attack navy ships. Giving people more reason to attack navy ships might help, but would probably then annoy people who are on them mostly to train skills and earn a little cash without fighting yet. So maybe there should be a chance to join small NPC pirate ships, and when on them, the leading NPC of that shop will worry about selecting suitable targets while ordering newbies on board to do jobs - if they don't start doing that job within around a minute of being ordered, and the job urgently needs done (ie. damage quite high and they don't help with carpenting when ordered to) then they get taken off the ship. This would give them a good feeling of what to expect when they first start working for a crew, or make their own crew if they train enough on that ship. The NPCs on these ships would have average ratings for fighting and relatively low ratings for work, meaning players on board would have to help in order to keep the ship going decently.
Some people want to join crews, but I can imagine there are a few inidividuals who have learned enough just from whats around them, but due to timezones or lack of time can't do player ship jobs, and would instead like to start their own crew as soon as they've earned the cash for the ship and trained the skills, and i feel that might help with that.
On the other hand, having too many of these sort of ships could spoil the player community side of the game - but if vets get frustrated and start feeling rather less helpful than before, then the budding pirates will in turn get annoyed and probably leave, which can't be good for the community either. To try and enoucrage use of player pirate ships, NPC pirate ships give give you such a pitiful share of the profits that it's all about training abilities rather than becoming rich.

A second idea is, in addition to the current but slightly lacking notice board in game, is to add an advertising feature. I, personally, hate discussing games outside of the game itself, unless its for complicated issues like this involving a lot of people (and even then, i prefer to discuss stuff in conversation rather than constantly leave seperate messages). So if there was an ingame notice board where people could spend cash - perhaps a 'loot per letter' scheme, as long as people don't try to save cash by typing in txt msg spk - then people could see more detailed items - if a crew wants to hire people, they can leave a message with requirements and contact details (yesterday, most of the day, there was a Dread Ringers job posted up and very little else. I pressed it loads of times just for a laugh, hoping to irritate them with constant 'shockedfrog has applied! shockedfrog has applied! etc.', but a lot of other newbies around the place were wondering why nothing was happening - it was clearly either a joke (in which case, it's pretty pathetic, cause thats gonna irritate newbies even more!), or they were only taking old players, or they were taking jobbers earlier and forgot to remove it - using this system, there would be a list of requirements (even as simple as 'no newbies', or a full list like 'at least Broad in sea battle, carpenting, sailing and bilging') and the message would get deleted either by the poster like the current system, or removed after a set amount of time, perhaps depending on how expensive it was (although if people posted large amounts of junk, a staff member would remove it.) If a player needs a crew, they can leave a message here. Because it would cost money, to earn money they would have to have done reasonable work beforehand on navy ships or the above NPC pirate ships, and crews who want cheap but decent help would probably look for someone who has gone to the bother of getting cash and training skills first - posting a message on the boards using money would be proof that they had done work before and weren't just fresh off the newbie ship, and were also confident enough of their abilities that they could help without asking every 5 minutes 'am I doing this right?'
In particular, I think it would be useful for general adverts (such as 'join our crew' (except slightly more detailed) without any specific job to do, or trading adverts - spend a little advertising, and in return, maybe find a buyer for all that junk you're carrying :)

A third idea is to add a training house on the starting island (i hear different players start on either alpha or guava - in which case, a training house on both) with expanded tutorials in it. For completing these, the player could earn a hat - you know those hats, uh. 'mortar board' things that graduates wear, maybe players who complete the advanced tutorials should get one of those as proof of completion and some crews would recruit new players as long as they got it. the hat would not be wearable by people who havent done the advanced tutorials. The problem I see with this is alternate characters on the same account would have to redo it which would get tedious.

Some of these ideas - all, perhaps - might have been mentioned before and rejected. But there might be something decent amongst that lot :)

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