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Posted by saynata at Jul 21, 2003 1:37:37 PM
Re: Where have all the Victors gone?

It's time for 'Pick your Answer', Volume One:

a) You're darned right we are! Some of us are just crazy like Sadako, Soma and I.

b) I mean, if you could make a mask or something I could put on Fronsac while he works, I guess that would be okay, too...

c) The next thing I'll do is to send you /complains about not having him. Eat big, fat, greasy chat log of me rotating through swabbies looking for my man, Admins!

d) Can I just have Victor back, please? He doesn't have to be good or anything, he can just be 'Placebo Victor,' but I just want to see him again.
[size=9] Saynata, Captain and Supreme So-and-So of The Sirens; Former Mistress of the ol' Sew 'n' Sew.

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