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Posted by Meghaford at Jan 2, 2003 9:58:33 PM
Re: crew shares
Another issue I've had problems with:

when hiring NPP's and Pirates to take on a pillaging trip, I find myself wanting to give Pirates more $ because they're usually more effective than NPP's. But they get hired at the same booty % as the NPP's. Of course this seems very unfair since I have to pay the NPP's every league that I Hired them for. Shouldn't I be able to (1) Not pay the NPP's a % because they're being paid already or (2) give them a smaller amount of shares than Pirates.

It would also be fun to be able to completely customize the pirate hiring process. for instance in the crew articles specify exactly how much per league a Pirate will make (depending on their Duty Report) and how many shares. So if you want to do some exploring, you can hire a pirate per league, and if ye want to pillage, hire for just shares. Or both!
--Ursela, Captain of the Dastards
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