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Posted by saynata at Jul 21, 2003 9:55:49 AM
Where have all the Victors gone?
As I have told my oft-times crewmate Soma once before, I have, or rather, had a sick obsession with Clever Victor. He was the epitome of all I wanted in a whirligig, pixelated man. He could pump m'bilges, fix m'holes or get m'sails cracking in nearly a league! I would always shuffle through the temp agencies looking for my young nomad swabbie, and would quietly accept one of his lessers, Smiling Rick, Critical Al, or maybe even Wild Paul, if I were desperate enough. In fact, I had myself a wee mental list as t'who could and couldn't perform in battle, and those on the blacklist would be quickly replaced, for fear of them tripping upon their own sword while doing battle.

However, much to my chagrin, It seems as though there's been a few new swabbies added to the mix, and those who were once good have been neutered back down to normal, at least in terms of Sea Battle. This is unfortunate for me because I, slowly starting to fizzle and sputter from all of the smiling and handholding caused by taking care of the odd newbie that I job (make that 4 or 5 odd newbies), have no way to go out and have some pleasant time to myself (which I usually would spend in a good, comfy, solo pillage with Victor and Co.), and t'get to my point:*
Putting a governor on my powerful swabbies has seemed to have caused a bit of a downfall in my solo pillaging. I don't have nearly as much luck against the crews that I could always defeat (which I always keep an eye on) because I end up carrying my whole team, who are usually knocked out pretty quickly.
Is anyone else having this problem?

For Fronsac: *Finally!

A Disgruntled Soloist.
[size=9] Saynata, Captain and Supreme So-and-So of The Sirens; Former Mistress of the ol' Sew 'n' Sew.

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