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Posted by CrashCat at Jul 21, 2003 7:47:45 AM
Re: Expasion Cracks!
I be lucky I started on Friday and got me feet wet before the tide came in! 'Ere were more swabbies idlin' on the docks of Alpha than barnacles on all the Navy's fleet, I think! T'was a blessin' I realized I kin zoom out to the island view an' pop from shop to shop without musclin' through the teeming horde, yargh.

Now I jus' gotta figger out what I be savin' my pieces for, since clothes won't get me booty an' a shiny sword don't impress the 'botic brigands one bit. I'd get me a ship but me crew is around more often and has plenty o' boats already, har.
a pirate is drinking lots and lots of rum
a pirate is just an oversized kid with an eye patch
a pirate is like being a fireman and a pyromaniac
a pirate is fun
a pirate is surely for me

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