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Posted by Cleaver at Jul 21, 2003 4:39:37 AM
Clueless behaviour
As with any flood, some objectionable material is bound to wash up. We are beavering away on 'the blackspot' system that will let you let someone know if they're being annoying in no uncertain terms.

If there were a test for sensible pirates I would put it on the registration questionairre, but alas I do not know of such test. So for now we'll have to filter them by muting or complaining the worst ones and work our way through the crowds.

Give em a week and the poor ones will scuttle off and the good ones will be Captains under yer Flags (and no doubt a fresh batch of bandana-sporting folk will replace em at the docks). One thing that might help yer sense of sanity is to find other spots, not the docks, to convene. Like the comfortable palace.

We also going to start starting newbies on various other islands in the Emerald Archipelago, which will help a bit to ease the pressure.

Oh, one note about the influx; yesterday our throttle wasn't working as planned - we are supposed to limiting new players at a rate of 25/hour (i.e. only validating them at that rate, and backlogging the rest). It was letting them in at 25/10 mins. Oops.

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