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Posted by crowsdiamond at Jul 21, 2003 12:40:25 AM
Re: Expasion Cracks!
Ahoy Uzi!! I totally understand what ye be sayin, and agree with ye 100%! I am working diligently trying to get Faile up and running as a Trainer in the Academy crew. I will TRY to be online in the evenings around 8:30 CST, and be ready to take out the new pirates by 9:00 (still Central Time, USA).

Here are the problems I am running into with the Academy.

1. Faile being a new character, she has NO MONEY for supplying the ship to take out. (Cleaver's incentive program will help, IF I happen to catch him on and IF I can get enough new people signed up quickly for a run. Jobbing me Lubber mateys will be good if'n I can catch the new ones online and entice em ta leave a Lubber ship. If that fails, then I be outta luck with the newbie incentive program.)

2. The crew is so small that I have had difficulty catchin' the new members online, and they are going to get frustrated very quickly if they can't get out on the seas with a crew. This will be the case until we get more active Officers in the Academy.

3. We have a boat on Turtle, but not a single map aboard. No mon, no rum, no map, no fun!

The biggest of these is number 2. If any of me Flag mates have an available alt that can join the Academy, please post on the Rudder Revolution Forum so we can get this thing goin'
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