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Posted by uzi at Jul 21, 2003 12:26:04 AM
Transportation Troubles
This is a good day to rant. I have not posted in a while so will make up for it today. I think my hands have healed from over typage. Keyboard mania.
Manic Keypresive...that is me.
Ok.........I think therefore, I am really concerned about the Ferry System, and lack of it. Oh, and throw in the money movement too. Players need to get from Archipelago to Archipelago (gosh I feel like singing that famous operatic song now......sing Archipelago Archipelago to the tune of really is fun!)
Yesterday for about 12 hours one player constantly asked me to taxi him and his POE from Gaea to Turtle. I asked him to buy the rum for the voyage and that was a no go.
This part of the game still needs work in my opinion.
With so many new players this is getting to become an issue. I feel like the mom with the mini van and have all these kids that want to go someplace right now! However, each kid has to be someplace where the others do not need to be.
If the players want to pay for the rum, I will consider being taxi service. The bad thing is, since most are new a short trip can take a long time when you get all the interceptions. The "Three Hour Tour" can turn into a martathon event of one losing battle after the next.
I hope some temporary fix can be done at least until the influx of all the new players at once sort of settles down.
I do not have a solution idea right now, but I am sure several of the "thinkers" in the game might have some suggestions.

Thanks for any consideration you can give this.
Still hanging 10 through life and looking for the endless summmer.

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