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Posted by uzi at Jul 20, 2003 11:43:09 PM
Expasion Cracks!
Ahoy my piratey friends.
I come before you today with a heavy heart and a troubled sole, I feel like I am floundering in a sea of turmoil.
Well maybe it is not that bad, but it sounded good (perhaps I should start using footnotes, too?)
Ok, I will stop fishing around here and get to the reel issue.
The game, as we all know, used to be so peaceful. The new players were introduced at a pace where we could feel welcome, and that we were not imposing on the "seasoned" players by asking so many questions.
However with the release of Beta came this influx of so many new players at one time it tends to be overwhelming at times, especially after the 5th straight hour on the game and having to answer the same question numerous times.

The number one newbie question: "Are you going out Pillaging?"

This before Hi, how are you. Either that or just getting onto the docks and having repeated offeres to a duel.

I did get to chat with some of the "veteran" players yesterday, and I think we are all feeling a wee bit stressed by the ratio of new players to "vets".

We do want to help!! We do want to expand our crews!! We do want the new players to find the same enjoyment of the game that we have. The players who helped me, and still help me (I still feel I have a whole lot to learn, being a computer illiterate nerd for the most part) are one of the games most precious commodities!! They are why I stay here.

I am so afraid that by overwhelming the vets with so many new players at one time, we are going to burn out. Maybe I stay on the game too long, but I feel obligated to help the new players. I was fortunate that I got a mentor who plays 20 hours a day. I got so much help from the Sadako, Aglaura, Shadow combination. I still do get help there for which I am very greatful. However there are not enough of those "3 in 1 game guru-types" to go around to all of the new players.

I know Pennsuedo and I discuss this at lengths, and we decided that the Training Academy is a must! So we formed Puzzle Pirates Academy which will be starting soon. Fronsac has agreed to be the first "head mistress" with an alt. character. Several of us are agreeing to be active teachers. I am just not sure of the specifics yet on times of classes. Har.

That is one small solution to balance out the ratio of new vs vets. I am anxoius for it to start.

I think new players that do not go through the tutorial should be planked! The help files should be mandatory reading.

Ok............I have vented..........honestly I held back. Last night after being on the game for way too long, I think I might have even started being rude..........yeah me..........rude!!! Watch for more of my "venting posts". They will be showing up!
Still hanging 10 through life and looking for the endless summmer.

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