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Posted by IantheKorean at Jun 11, 2006 10:46:14 PM
Re: Let's get rid of Brigands!
I love rumble. I hate swordfighting. I hate being forced to swordfight while pillaging, so let's get rid of brigands and keep barbarians. Why should I be forced to swordfight when I don't like it!?

Or better yet, why not just get rid of pillaging altogether? It just forces you to play puzzles you don't like for hours on end. I don't want to learn to swordfight when I already know how to rumble because of Dinomite and other similar games.

Flock away, little sparrows...flock away.

Disclaimer: this post is sarcasm, hence why it's not in Game Design. It's parley simply because there will be tons of tarting...about having another thread on the topic...about the subject itself, etc. Get it? Good.

HWFO etc. etc. etc.

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